Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jerusalem Artichokes

I met a couple of good friends today who I haven't seen for a while. 
Anyway, after chatting for ages and enjoying a lovely lunch one of my friends gave me a bag of Jerusalem Artichoke tubers from her garden vegetable plot for my allotment. 
Artichokes can reach over 2 metres in height and are related to the sunflower family. The tubers will need to be cut into 2" lengths (with at least 2 buds) and planted 6" deep, 1ft  apart and rows will need to be spaced 3ft apart.
As you can see from the picture above the open flowers will no doubt be enjoyed by the bees as well as by me. I've only ever eaten artichokes a few times before (from my friends garden) roasted in olive oil so it will be interesting to share any new recipes I try when I get to pick my very own homegrown ones.

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