Sunday, 25 March 2012

No More Plants....

Well maybe just room for a few more!

I popped into Wilko's in the week to browse the gardening section when I spotted some reduced plants desperately in need of some tlc. 
Well I couldn't just leave them could I?

Two Buddleia 'Pink Delight' bushes reduced from £3.48 to 50p each - pretty pink flowers with orange eyes - a bee and butterfly magnet. I've given them a good soak, repotted them and lightly pruned them. One for the garden and one for the allotment.

A pretty Hydrangea shrub 'Masja' - large, showy red flowers with dark green foliage reduced from £3.48 to £1.

A very pretty white and green Hellebore 'Niger' reduced from £3.98 to 50p still with lots of flower buds.
These are all hardy perennials so will hopefully give me colour in the garden  and at the allotment for years to come.

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  1. Sweet Jacqui, They are gorgeous flowers and great prices too! How wonderful you could get some for your garden and your allotment. The bees will love them and reward you with pollinating your veggies! I love perennials. It is like seeing a old friend when they come back each year.

    I love your collection of vintage greetings cards. I so wish companies still made them like that! I have a few vintage ones too that I treasure.

    Have a lovely day! xo~Paula